List of words to use

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Use these lists when you can’t think of the right word to use. Having the “right” word can help you explain to others how you feel…and explain to yourself how your body feels.

VIRTUAL Meetings!!

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Join us almost every night during the week for FREE, CONFIDENTIAL meetings by video through To join, go to:


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As of March 19, 2020, the Thursday night Danforth Mental Wellness meetings have been CANCELLED until further notice by the location host to prevent the possible transmission of Covid-19. We have NOT been advised of ANY Covid-19 related issues at … Continued

#BellLetsTalk day

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Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day…a day to discuss openly, mental wellness issues. And so, for this, I created a short 4 minute video. It discusses ones thoughts. People often have told me to “just think positive thoughts”…which is terribly, … Continued

Listing with the Local Health Integration Network

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We are thrilled that the Local Health Integration Network has included the Mental Wellness Peer-to-Peer Support Groups as one of their listings! You can find this listing at: You can access this online at:

Harm Reduction awareness

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Posted on behalf of Giffen-Mack funeral home which is sponsoring this harm reduction initiative: —Over the last 3 years we have had the unfortunate task of arranging funerals for 37 people who suffered overdoses. To our discontent, this is still … Continued

How to Be Happy

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Behavioral scientists have spent a lot of time studying what makes us happy (and what doesn’t). We know happiness can predict health and longevity, and happiness scales can be used to measure social progress and the success of public policies. … Continued

Some more resources

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  Talking to Your Kids About Drug and Alcohol Abuse: The Ultimate Do’s and Don’ts Guide   Intervention eBook: What to do if your child is drinking or using drugs   Co-Occurring Disorders   Promoting Mental Health at Home   … Continued

150 Difference Makers

The year before being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Francis Arevalo was an up-and-coming slam poet and hip-hop artist in Vancouver’s artistic community. He had won the 2014 Student Leadership Conference’s Faces of Today Award and was listed as one of … Continued

What is Anxiety?

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This entire article is republished here.  With thanks to Homewood Health.   Approximately three million Canadians have an anxiety disorder and approximately one in four will suffer from an anxiety disorder in their lifetime.1 In a recent study of lawyers, … Continued

Children’s Mental Health

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Children’s Mental Health Ontario (CMHO) is the association representing Ontario’s publicly-funded Child and Youth Mental Health Centres. With the combined strength of our members, we advocate for government investments, policies and programs that are responsive to the needs of children, … Continued

I am an imperfect person – and I love it

“If happiness is “the state of mind in which one does not desire to be in any other state,” as the famous researcher of flow experience Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi says, then self-consciousness, shame, envy, jealousy, embarrassment, and guilt defeat happiness.”[1] It … Continued

What is success?

I was back at our weekly meeting last week (we have a weekly meeting for those people in our area who have mental wellness challenges), and various people spoke of their issues.   Strangely, my topic of discussion was my … Continued

Vancouver police unveil mental-health strategy

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The Vancouver Police Department has released a mental health strategy that is being described as important, progressive and thoughtful by local organizations. “I really do want to commend the VPD for this step because it’s an important step,” said Michael … Continued

Three new mental health walk-in clinics

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Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health is opening three mental health walk-in clinics for young people in the city. CAMH said the clinics are located at Yonge Street and Eglinton Avenue at Delisle Youth Services, near Danforth Avenue and … Continued

Hike for health!!

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While it may seem obvious that a good hike through a forest or up a mountain can cleanse your mind, body, and soul, science is now discovering that hiking can actually change your brain… for the better! But a recent … Continued

Defeat Depression Campaign!!

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The Defeat Depression Campaign provides hope and reduces stigma for people who are affected by depression and other mood disorders. Across Canada, mental health organizations, community groups, caring companies and concerned volunteers are planning walks, runs, rides and other physical … Continued

Teenagers using mindfulness….

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They hear a ding, but it’s not a text message. It’s their teacher, Kyla Wendell McIntyre, chiming a golden bell to signal the end of their meditation. The Sheldon-Williams students have spent the past few minutes in silence, reflecting on … Continued

Can you help us?….

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We need money to put advertisements in the local paper to let people know about our group. We’ve done everything we can to get people aware of the group – we’ve written articles for the paper, we’ve gotten group members … Continued

How can we help kids combat depression?….

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Populating a playground with natural elements that feature sand, grass and water can help reduce signs of depression in children, according to research by the University of British Columbia. “Depressive symptoms like looking sad or not smiling much went down … Continued

Mental Health First Aid

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This is copied from our local councillor’s email blast to residents*: Research shows that at some point in their lives, mental health problems will affect one in three Canadians. While thousands of people across the country know how to provide … Continued

How do you spend your time?

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The last wishes of Alexander the Great…….. On his death bed, Alexander summoned his army generals and told them his three ultimate wishes: 1. The best doctors should carry his coffin .. 2. The wealth he has accumulated (money, gold, precious stones) … Continued

Check out the letter to the Editor

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Read a Letter to the Editor (scroll down in once you open the link) about the opinion post from the Beach Metro News September 22 edition in the most recent edition of the Beach Metro News from our very own Dave Plaskett!! Learn … Continued

Great presentation

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  While this is directed at lawyers, it is very useful for anyone.   Click and watch, the video is in the top left box on the screen (you may have to click on it to start’ll take about … Continued

Michael Landsberg’s recent interview

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Michael Landsberg has been host of TSN’s Off the Record talk show since 1997 and is one of Canada’s best-known sports journalists. In 1998, Landsberg sought treatment for serious depression. In 2009, Landsberg interviewed former NHLer Stéphane Richer, and the two talked about their shared experience … Continued

March 31, 2015 Presenter

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Maddi Levinson, BA (Hons), M.S.W., RSW, will be presenting to the Beaches Mental Wellness peer-to-peer support group ( on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 a short presentation entitled: Managing Your Mood, a Cognitive Behavioral Approach. Since Maddi obtained her Master of … Continued

Recent Beach Metro News article

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  A mental health support group founded in January has received such a positive response that participants have decided to increase the frequency of meetings from monthly to weekly. Beaches Mental Wellness will meet Tuesdays from 7 to 8 p.m. … Continued

Resources on line

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Resources for Psychoeducation Good overall Sites with Information about Evidence Based Treatments, including CBT Canadian Psychological Association—Fact Sheets on many different topics, including evidence based treatments. see American Psychological Association (Australian site—Centre for Clinical Innovation) (UK … Continued

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If you need help, call the distress line:  416-408-HELP  or  416 408 4357