Do you know how to play to improve your mental health?

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What do you do each day for your mental health?

Most of us find it easier to answer this question: What do you do to take care of your physical health? We know the formula for that: move our bodies, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink water instead of sugar-filled products, and get proper sleep. Simple! Why some of us don’t follow such a regime can be due to our mental health.

The play micro skill introduces a formula designed to positively influence our mental health daily.



This micro skill focuses on mental health, not mental illness, as there’s a difference. To understand mental health, consider a weather pattern. One day can be sunny, dark, cloudy, rainy, marked by a thunder and lightning storm, and back to sun before dusk. Mental health can be the same; it can change based on what we’re thinking about and experiencing in our lives. The first point to understand is that it’s normal for our mental health to change based on what we’re experiencing. Like feeling sluggish after not eating a healthy meal, our mental health can be influenced by circumstances, the strength of our coping skills, and what we are currently thinking.


Some of us don’t understand that we’re not passive participants in our mental health. We own our mental health, and we can positively influence it daily. People who don’t know this can often feel overwhelmed and caught in storm patterns that can last hours, days, weeks, months, and even years. Failure to take care of our mental health can result in mental illness. People with an organic mental illness benefit from taking proactive steps to impact their mental health daily. To provide context, consider a person who is clinically depressed, has received treatment, and is able to manage their depression with medication and cognitive behavioural therapy. They live with a mental illness, and what they do daily defines their mental health.


Adopting the acronym PLAY can impact your mental health: