Why you need to let employees say ‘No’

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Findings from The Globe and Mail/Howatt HR Your Life at Work survey suggest that nearly 60 per cent of employees are stressed going to work each day. A large percentage of employees struggle each day to feel confident to take on the challenges and demands awaiting them.

With employees experiencing significant stress due to rising work demands, leaders can play an important role in creating a culture where it’s safe for an employee to say, “I’m sorry, I can’t do that because …”




The goal of giving permission to say “no” is to create a culture where employees feel safe to interact and communicate honestly and openly with their leader. The most effective leaders know that one of their most important roles is to remove barriers. One common barrier for many employees is trust with their direct manager. Leaders who practice and adhere to this microskill facilitate a two-way accountability model and create opportunities for employees to own their careers and trust that their leaders care about them personally.