Teenagers using mindfulness….

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They hear a ding, but it’s not a text message. It’s their teacher, Kyla Wendell McIntyre, chiming a golden bell to signal the end of their meditation.

The Sheldon-Williams students have spent the past few minutes in silence, reflecting on their individual aspirations: Positivity, calmness, kindness, compassion, simplicity.

Whatever their goal, this time each Monday morning is about reflection and being in the moment — not worrying about school or relationships or Instagram likes.

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They focus on their breath: Inhale. Exhale. Count to 10. Start again.

It seems like a simple exercise, but it wasn’t an easy adjustment for these technology-conditioned teenagers.

“It takes a while to get used to, because our minds are so hectic … it just keeps on going, nonstop,” said student Amy-Louise Roberts.

That’s exactly why Monday mornings are now the highlight of her week: “We can relax, forget about everything else.”