What happens when health care providers don’t communicate with families…..

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All was normal when Eddie Young stopped by his mother’s home two Fridays ago: He took the dog for a walk, had some food, caught up on Game of Thrones. He helped himself to a bowl of ice cream to satiate the sweet tooth he’d had since childhood.

The 38-year-old had fallen upon hard times recently, in part due to mental-health issues exacerbated by his father’s death seven years ago, said his mother, Kim Young. He used drugs, lived on limited means from disability cheques and alternated between sleeping at his mother’s home and at those of friends. But Ms. Young had just secured an apartment for him; its refrigerator was already stocked. On that day, everything seemed good.

But three days later, Mr. Young appeared at his mother’s door again, beaten and dazed. Two days after that, he was dead.


Ms. Young says she told hospital staff her son was suicidal and had repeatedly requested they contact her before he was discharged, to no avail.

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