New baby!!….but why are you so depressed?….

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Vincent Fung wants people to know what a “wonderfully smart, talented, passionate and loving person” his late wife was, before she began to suffer from postpartum depression.

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But after she gave birth to her daughter Théa in 2014 in Switzerland, she became sleep-deprived, had trouble breastfeeding, and checked herself into hospital to deal with the depression she began experiencing.


“She went from, ‘Okay, I think I know what I’m doing,’ to, ‘I question what I’m doing,’ to ‘Am I doing things correctly?’ to ‘Am I doing things that might hurt my daughter?’ to almost like ‘What if I unconsciously hurt my daughter?'”

She gradually closed herself off from the psychologists, friends and family who she had been trying to get help from, and took her own life on July 1, 2015.