Mental Health First Aid

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This is copied from our local councillor’s email blast to residents*:


Research shows that at some point in their lives, mental health problems will affect one in three Canadians.

While thousands of people across the country know how to provide first aid to someone with a physical injury, a lot fewer people are able to recognize the signs of someone needing mental health first aid.

The Mental Health Commission of Canada has trained providers all over the country to deliver Mental Health First Aid since 2010. The basic course is two days in duration and is offered all over Canada.

Mental health first aid is meant to provide help for a person experiencing a mental health problem or a mental health crisis. Just like physical first aid, the goal is to offer a person immediate assistance until they can receive appropriate professional treatment or until the crisis is over.

The 12-hour course provides general information about common mental health problems and illnesses, how to identify signs of mental health problems in yourself and others, effective interventions and treatments, and how to support an individual and help them find out about and access the professional help they may need. The course also dispels common myths surrounding mental health problems and reduces the stigma around mental illness.

Local chiropractor – Dr. Janet D’Arcy has been trained to deliver this two day course. To get more information please go to


*Link to our councillor’s post: Mary-Margaret McMahon’s email blast