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Resources for Psychoeducation

Good overall Sites with Information about Evidence Based Treatments, including CBT Canadian Psychological Association—Fact Sheets on many different topics, including evidence based treatments. see American Psychological Association (Australian site—Centre for Clinical Innovation) (UK site for clinical practice guidelines, including mental disorders) (ABCT is the largest and oldest CBT organization in the world) see Consumers Section

Sites with Information about Mental Disorders Anxiety and Depression Association of America (Reid Wilson’s site) (Borderline Personality Disorder) (International OCD Foundation) (Trichotillomania)

Sites for CBT Resources (CBT Worksheets) (CBT Worksheets/Educational Handouts) (for Bipolar Disorder)
Sites for Relaxation and Mindfulness
http:/ (MBSR guided audio tracks from the Tom Baker Cancer Centre Psychosocial Resources) (Marsha Linehan’s website–great resources for mindfulness)
Calmkeeper (anxiety management with breathing exercises, distractions, and customizable reframing statements)
Mindfulness Meditation for Pain—Jon Kabat-Zinn

Phone Apps
Mood Kit (available on iTunes for $4.99)
Moving Forward (available on iTunes for free-Problem Solving Therapy)
PTSD Coach (National Center for PTSD in the US—Canadian App available as well)—free from iTunes
CBT Referee (from iTunes)
Sleeping tips, using CBT (free from iTunes)
Relax2breathe (free)
DBT Self-help (
CBT Diary Card (
Behavioral Experiments (